Sunday, 4 January 2009

Day Three

We stayed in Bleheim this morning and went to see some Sperm Whales.

But we saw some dolphins aswell. They were really playful. Following the boat and jumping around.

That white "mist" is the whale coming up for air. He stayed up in the sun for a while. We saw this whale twice.

I thought I would be seasick on this adventure. I don't really like boats, but I wasn't sick!

Just as the sun was rising before we went to see the whales.

After a sort of lunch we got the coach to Christchurch. And after being sent the wrong way we found the catherdral.

Later that night we went back to the Catherdral square for a free New Years Party.

Not really sure what that big silver sculpture on the left is. A huge stage and large screen.

Sitting around from 9pm to 12midnight singing along with the bands and soaking up the atmosphere.
At midnight there were fireworks from the top of a lawyers building. I took a few videos with my new camera which I will put up on flickr.
Earlier in the day. Going back to the hotel for a rest and dinner before the free new years concert thing.

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