Sunday, 4 January 2009

Day Five

We got to spend the whole day in Queensland.
It was raining quite a lot, so we went to find some coats, grabbed an okay coffee from Starbucks and went up the cable car gondala thing.
Up these steps, up a hill, then got our tickets and went up the cable car.

The view from about half way up.

At the top.

The view.
It was still raining and the cloud came down quickly covering the mountains so we only got a few shots.

Someone did the bungy jump.

The misty hills in the background.

The white things are the cable cars going up and down. If you wanted to walk down it would take about five hours.
Before dinner we went to the Minus 5 Ice Bar.
Putting on some thick warm hooded coats and gloves.
The tempurate when we went in was -7.5degc. The temperature alternates between -5 and -10.

All suited up and ready to go in.

Enjoying my IceBurg cocktail inside a glass made of ice. The drink was lovely and I did drink a bit of my glass.

The bar.
There were a lot of ice sculptures around. Even a Christmas tree with tinsel.


I told mom to think drunk and this is what I get.

After the vodka. I wanted to get a shot of the menu so I could remember what the lovely drink I had was.
After leaving the ice bar we went for dinner.

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