Monday, 5 January 2009

Day Six

Today we jumped on the coach from Queenstown through Wanaka (which is an actual place and is spelt correctly) to Makarora, Haast, Paringa to Fox Glacier.

I think this was taken at Lake Wanaka.

Beautiful sky.

At Fox Glacier we went up to see the glacier and walk on top of it at 5pm. The whole thing only took 30mins.
The helicopter flight wasn't any worse than a normal plane - noisier. It reminded me of Disney's Soarin'.

Taken through the window. Beautiful snow capped mountains.
The bottom parts of the glacier looked lovely. But you could definately see how much damage they could do if they just started to move (earthquake).

Had to make sure that I got this shot since it looks like we are going into the cliff.
We didn't.
We went over to the frosty icy snow.

We were told that it was only about 3degc colder up there - it might have been a bit colder than that.
Peter making a slushy snowball. It wasn't like normal snow but small bits of ice.

My socks and sneakers got soaked.
There was a mom and her two daughters that came with us. They were wearing jandels (flipflops). But we only stayed there for about five minutes before flying back down. When we got back we just sat in the sun to warm up a little bit.

At 9pm we went for a mini bush walk to try and see some glow worms. We walked through the track three times before it was dark enough to see them.

The glow worms are just little dots of glowing lights that get brighter then disappear.
They were lots of these little glow worm dots around. Once you find them, they are everywhere.

Earlier in the day. At Lake Wanaka - I think.

Big sculpture of a hand at a lake.

Some beautiful waterfall a few minutes walk through native bush.

On the motorway into Fox Glacier. Just taking a few minutes rest before going back through the glow worm trail.

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