Sunday, 4 January 2009

Day One

Travelled from Wellington to Picton by the InterIslander. Then got the coach to Blenheim.

Had to queue for a while and leave our bags before getting on the boat. We went up to deck 10 before going down and trying to find some seats.
Very windy on the boat. It took about 4 hours to get across Cook's Strait!
When we arrived at Picton we jumped on the coach to Blenheim.

At Blenheim Rail Station. The coach was late arriving, so we walked the 10 minutes to the hotel. It was very hot this day!

In the city centre at Blenheim we saw this glittery Christmas tree.

And a paddle river boat. A nice little river and walk way went through the city.

We found this lovely little place for dinner.

This is the boats route out of Wellington Harbour.

Peter at some gardens between the hotel and the city center.

At a nice place for lunch.

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Karen said...

I promise not to comment with a personal story on every post! This just reminded me of a story my mom told on my father. He was a young American sailor and my mom gave him train directions to Circular Quay and like any American he heard Circular Q. Unable to find the right train he came back and told her there is no Circular Q they'r all Circular Quay - pronounced Kway by an American. She made fun of that for years!