Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Tsunami Hits Samoa

An 8.3 Earthquake hit Samoa this morning, followed by a tsunami. My mom called me about 8 times and finally I woke up enough to answer my phone. We weren't sure how bad this would be and if it would hit New Zealand. She wanted me with her at her work. (This is the first time we've been through any act of God - other than same Earthquakes).

I got ready as quickly as I could. And since I might have been stuck there for a while, I took my laptop and camera, and of course a coffee. I was absolutely soaked when I finally got there!!!

At about 11am my Mom's boss got a phone call. Gisbourne had been hit with a 40cm wave.... not that big. So Mommy let me come home. I'm still checking the news reports but it seems to have ended. My clothes are still drying as I got even more soaked on the way home.

We just got back from the grocery shop, and it just seems eerily quiet. I wanted to get this post up in case any family members happen upon this. We are all fine! (Sorry)

Samoa is circled. In relation to the world.