Wednesday, 24 December 2008

After five seconds on the skates. Stepdad resting in the cool breeze in the background.

The skates in action. I have to keep reminding myself to bend my knees and lean forward.
I did notice a few people looking at me. And I think one person took a photo. At least I didn't fall over. Haven't fallen over in these yet.

Having a quick rest.

On the way back. Rolling along.
More pictures to come.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Monday, 22 December 2008

Today we're off to shop a new marketplace! I have opened up shop on Lollishops this month and want to bring people to the world of girly girly goodness! There is so much to find and see here, that I thought I would bring you a peek at what is behind that pretty, pink, Lacy curtain!

From Left to Right in the gift-guide: Row 1-> Pink Whipped Cream Ring by MichellesCharmWorld
Pink Patchwork Pillow by BStudio
Cupcakes Magnet Set by HeatherKnitz
Cupcake Card Set by ExpressionsbyDevin

Row 2->
Embroidered Lavender Sachet by BailiwickDesigns
Vintage Whimsy from FadedButDesiredTreasures

Row 3->
Knit Baby Booties by MonarchDancer
Flowers 5 Card Set by Pnkgeeni

Row 4->
Faux Petit Fours by RenegadeRose
Gift Card Sleeve by ArtbyNaomi
Roses Roses Fairy House by CarolineAlexander
Victorian Boot Sachet by NanasNest

More Lollishops Goodies!

From L -> R

Row 1:

Sequin and Flowers Cards set of 4 by PinkPatriceBoutique

Button Votive Holder by PinkyLouLou

Girl with Bird Notecard by HappyDayStudio

Seaside Picnic Print by AliceInParis

*The two above banners and text were made by the wonderful Michelle*
Playing Monopoly The World Edition on a rainy Saturday afternoon.
Shopping Sunday in town

Reading another book

Self Portrait

Putting up some handmade Xmas decorations.
Merry Christmas
Everyone Around the World
We are going on holiday
to the South Island
from 29th
to 5th Jan
so there probably won't
be any new
posts until

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

All the xmas cards and some pressies under the table. With a few more added since I took this photo.

Tomorrow we plan on having a picnic near the waterfront where we can go skating etc.

NExt Monday the 29th is when we go on holiday.

I will probably post some pics before we jump on the boat to South Island.


Tuesday, 9 December 2008


LandRollers. Get out of line.
Mom standing up!


Me, moving forward.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Birthday Girls

Yesterday was Mojo's FIRST birthday!!!!
I still let all the liluns sleep in otherwise they'd all be complaining and tired.
Mojo got her two handmade cards in the morning.
Slipped on her little headband with the pink bow and had a wonderful day.
She does seem a little bigger.
When Grammie got home, Mojo had another pressie. A little pink box. But it's too small for her to fit in. I need to find something cute for her to keep inside.
Then today, it's my birthday. I'm old! :(
But then I just think that my brother's are even older! :)
My skates haven't arrived from America yet, but I have a bunch of cards. Two posted from UK, one posted from NZ.
A cute Mickey Mouse tee
A watch - non digital it's gonna take me a while to figure it out.
A total of $30.80NZD
Couple notebooks/journal
A pack of Jack Daniels Chocolates!!!!!
Okay, run out of things to say.