Thursday, 22 January 2009

Saturdays Adventures

The colossal squid has caught the world's attention, and no wonder - since 1925, only two of nine adult specimens reported have been complete. Come face to face with Te Papa's amazing specimen: 4.2 metres long and weighing 495 kilograms - nearly half a tonne!

We finally got around to going to Te Papa to see this Colossal Squid.
(Not a squid or octapus - COLOSSAL SQUID).
The photo above is the very top of the Squid.

It wasn't as creepy as I thought it would be. And it didn't move!
It was quite busy there, but it is a pretty new exhibit.
His lovely legs!
His eyeballs are the size of footballs!

A couple days later, we received some belated Christmas pressies from A&S.

Momma opened her birthday pressie last.

A little cutie, who can't decide if he's a boy or girl.

I will make sure that I get some great photos over the weekend.
Hopefully we'll be out skating!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Monday Words

LOOKIE! Momma is skating and not holding anything!
We both went out for a skating day on Saturday. But it was a little windy, so I had to try my skates to see if it was TOO windy. We didn't pick the best surface, it was all uneven with pieces of gravel all over the place. And of course, I fell down.
And these skates are practically impossible to fall in! I landed on my wrists and elbows. Only I didn't have my elbow pads on. So now I have a bruise on my forearm. And a few graizes on my hand.
But at least I have learnt the importance to elbow guards.
After dropping our skates home, we went out for a well deserved Starbucks. (Venti Iced Soy Vanilla Latte and a Tall Caramel Light Frappacino).
We walked along the front and decided to go see the Colossal Squid at Te Papa. Not as creepy as I thought it'd be. I did take a couple photographs.
Then onto OurSpace. An interactive type thing.
We went on The Deep Ride. You go down to the deep black sea depths to see Black Smoke and Volcanoes etc. Then we went on The High Ride.
The High Ride is amazing! You get taken a really fun journey. As motorbike racer, a bird, a netball ball, a maori warrier, etc.

Monday, 5 January 2009

This was the route we travelled.
From Wellington to Picton by ferry (1)
From Picton to Blenheim by coach. (2)
From Bleheim to Kaikoura by coach. (3)
From Kaikoura to Christchurch by coach. (4)
From Christchurch to Queenstown by coach. (5)
From Queenstown to Fox Glacier by coach. (6)
From Fox Glacier to Greymouth by coach. (7)
From Greymouth to Christchurch by train. (8)
From Christchurch to Wellington by plane. (9)
From Wellington Airport to Home by Shuttle!

Look Bro, It IS an actual REAL place and that IS how you spell it!
Pronounced "WONacca" or "WANacca"
Apparently you can tell that my brother and I are related coz I wanted to say the same thing.

Even the flight back felt like coming home.

"The temperature outside is.... beautiful." Said the air stewardess(??)
The passengers laughted.

Day Seven

Left the cold glacier weather behind and went on a coach to Greymouth.

Stopped at Franz Josef Village and Hokitika. At one of these places were deers, chickens and goats. And huge sandbeetles.

At Greymouth we got on the TranzAlpine train to Christchurch. With a stop at Arthers Pass. The train ride took about four hours.
Then we had a flight from Christchurch to Wellington.
Grabbed a shuttle and eventually got home.
I might come back and add some more photos.
Time to upload the videos from new years eve, so I will add those to the approriate blog post.

Day Six

Today we jumped on the coach from Queenstown through Wanaka (which is an actual place and is spelt correctly) to Makarora, Haast, Paringa to Fox Glacier.

I think this was taken at Lake Wanaka.

Beautiful sky.

At Fox Glacier we went up to see the glacier and walk on top of it at 5pm. The whole thing only took 30mins.
The helicopter flight wasn't any worse than a normal plane - noisier. It reminded me of Disney's Soarin'.

Taken through the window. Beautiful snow capped mountains.
The bottom parts of the glacier looked lovely. But you could definately see how much damage they could do if they just started to move (earthquake).

Had to make sure that I got this shot since it looks like we are going into the cliff.
We didn't.
We went over to the frosty icy snow.

We were told that it was only about 3degc colder up there - it might have been a bit colder than that.
Peter making a slushy snowball. It wasn't like normal snow but small bits of ice.

My socks and sneakers got soaked.
There was a mom and her two daughters that came with us. They were wearing jandels (flipflops). But we only stayed there for about five minutes before flying back down. When we got back we just sat in the sun to warm up a little bit.

At 9pm we went for a mini bush walk to try and see some glow worms. We walked through the track three times before it was dark enough to see them.

The glow worms are just little dots of glowing lights that get brighter then disappear.
They were lots of these little glow worm dots around. Once you find them, they are everywhere.

Earlier in the day. At Lake Wanaka - I think.

Big sculpture of a hand at a lake.

Some beautiful waterfall a few minutes walk through native bush.

On the motorway into Fox Glacier. Just taking a few minutes rest before going back through the glow worm trail.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Day Five

We got to spend the whole day in Queensland.
It was raining quite a lot, so we went to find some coats, grabbed an okay coffee from Starbucks and went up the cable car gondala thing.
Up these steps, up a hill, then got our tickets and went up the cable car.

The view from about half way up.

At the top.

The view.
It was still raining and the cloud came down quickly covering the mountains so we only got a few shots.

Someone did the bungy jump.

The misty hills in the background.

The white things are the cable cars going up and down. If you wanted to walk down it would take about five hours.
Before dinner we went to the Minus 5 Ice Bar.
Putting on some thick warm hooded coats and gloves.
The tempurate when we went in was -7.5degc. The temperature alternates between -5 and -10.

All suited up and ready to go in.

Enjoying my IceBurg cocktail inside a glass made of ice. The drink was lovely and I did drink a bit of my glass.

The bar.
There were a lot of ice sculptures around. Even a Christmas tree with tinsel.


I told mom to think drunk and this is what I get.

After the vodka. I wanted to get a shot of the menu so I could remember what the lovely drink I had was.
After leaving the ice bar we went for dinner.

Day Four

We stayed at the party until 12.30am. Got to bed at 1am and left Christchurch at 8am!

In Queenstown
after stops in Geraldine, Lake Tekapo and Omarama.