Wednesday, 17 September 2008

new apartment pics

From the front door. The kitchen, dining room and lounge.
From the lounge to the dining room, kitchen. The glass "doors" are the walls to the second bedromm.
View from lounge window
Another view from the lounge
*Your head falls to the left* View from the balcony.

The heaters from the hallway are gone shutting the place into it's complete silence of death.


altered geisha said...

Wow!!! That looks pretty swish!!!! Are you really close to the city? What fun you can have on the weekend....yipee!!!

kiwigirl said...

we are in thorndon and only a few mintues from our local coffee shop (starbucks - they know our order). it is very swnaky. we drove past here on the bus back to petone and i never thought we could afford it.