Monday, 22 September 2008

Monday Evening

Today we picked up Mom's temporary work permit, then she went to work all day. I felt so proud of my little girl. Her first day at school. Ah.. work.

Tomorrow I can pick up my xray from Plunket House and then it's too the doctors see a nurse and get some blood stolen.

I dyed my hair on Sunday. And on Thursday both me and momma got our hair cut. My hair is such a pretty shade of red now - but needs washing to tame it a little.

I'm getting used to not reaching for a ciggie when I write in my journal at night. I got some lime and lemon cough sweets to ween me off of this habit.

It was about 16 degrees c today. But the wind is picking up a little. Which I believe means that Summer is coming along.

I ordered some more scrapping supplies last week. It should be here by Friday this week.

They're stealing my blood tomorrow!!!

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