Tuesday, 16 September 2008

15 -9-08

On Thursday we moved into our new apartment just outside the City. Everything but Internet got connected on that day. We hoped that the Internet would be connected that day, but we still haven’t had anything from that company, so we have signed up with another one. But we still have to wait 3 -5 days for the wireless modem. Our local Starbucks is only 5 minutes away!!! (Can someone lend me $10.30??)

On Sunday morning (12:15am) we had our first fire alarm. Someone was playing with tennis balls in the hallway of our floor and hit the sprinklers, which set them off. I was just writing in my journal before going to sleep when a beeping started, then a voice saying to leave the building. (Which is cool). After a few seconds I realised it was a fire alarm, grabbed some clothes, shoes, bag, cigs, but forgot the camera! Water was flooding down the hallway – almost to our door. (Me and mom had just watched the end of Titanic on TV!) We found out where another set of stairs are – which is good. I remembered to grab the keys otherwise we wouldn’t be able to get back in. So we were standing outside the apartment building for 30 mins, before we could go back in.

The firemen showed up quickly and tried to get the water out of the hallway, (Did you know that you have to pay firemen to come out??) and currently there are carpet dryers out in the hallway. (Noisy!) Some of the water came into our apartment under the front door and some got into my bedroom. The carpet is still damp and some of the paint on the skirting board has bubbled up. At 1am we finally got back to bed, after a shot of P’s whisky.

Saturday was extremely hot – it was only 15 degrees Celsius but it felt bloody hot. I love how Kiwi Words are slipping into our vocabulary. (bloody, mate, eh, cool, yeees, yeeea, beeeed, bro and mom’s fave: get back here and clean the table – maybe you need to see the advert). I already know all the songs to my fave adverts.

Our new apartment is very lovely, even with the damp smell right now. The balcony is small and overlooks the Court of Appeal and we are near the Beehive (parliament building). I have to go outside for all my cigarettes. Which isn’t that bad since it is sheltered, and getting warmer at night time.

I have a nice big table to scrap in the open plan lounge, but I’m trying to keep everything tidy and contained to one area of the table. And I have my own bathroom!!!!

Today, (Monday) was quite busy. We went to Immigration to find out some stuff and have to go back tomorrow to ask a few more questions. We submitted the EOI last week (the first part of applying for Permanent Residency) so we should get picked out of the pool in the next couple weeks.

This time last year we were in Egypt. Maybe in Luxor, nearing the end of the cruise. And for those of you how have met the LilUns – it is Ogg’s first birthday on the 19th!!!!!! BTW he has five teeth, and my little Mojo has two.

I’m trying to think of Christmas presents for people. I think I have found the perfect things for brother D, brother A and girly S. (What else can I use??) (Brother A can also be called Bob). And I still need to make Christmas Cards for us to send out.

I think I’m running out of things to say. I hate having to wait for the Internet to get connected. C&W would connect you immediately! I checked our emails and I have a total of 40 messages in various accounts.

I may be getting my hair cut in the first time in about seven or eight years before dyeing it a nice shade of red.

Really cool websites you have to check out:
www.wherethefuckarewe.co.uk – wanna exchange links bro? you could also use www.twitter.com


Our wireless modem arrived this morning. We did have to call the call centre to configure it for Vista but we spoke to a nice american sounding woman. I had my chest xray this morning. I made sure to cleanse my lungs with lots of smoke before hand.

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