Monday, 2 July 2007


We got quite a lot done. Got our police check forms to fill in for later and found out about Janmommy and Peterlou's pensions.

My brother Adm sent us some pictures from his new camera. Not the best but he's still playing around with it (the camera, that is, not umm...). I promised myself that I would keep this blog clean.

Janmommy is sorting out some stuff at her desk right now. She has an email to reply to but is stalling. Why? It's about a job

We got some holiday brochures for NZ today just to look at the pictures - I wish we could get there now but we have a holiday in Egypt and two holidays in London this year. Then our holiday in NZ in January.

Hopefully we will be in NZ for good sometime early next year. September 08 at the latest.

Thank you and Goodnight (or Good morning)

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