Friday, 21 November 2008

Pictures to come...

Me and mom are having skating lessons in a couple hours! This should be fun. I wonder if I should try and get mom to have a glass of wine first....

That would be even more fun! You know what Mom gets like when she's a had ONE glass of wine!

Still nothing heard back from Immi.

I picked up a few more Christmas Pressies yesterday - there are just so many bargains around and the stock changes every couple days.

There are lovingly wrapped in brown paper and ribbon sitting under a chipboard tree.

Next comes the birthdays! Mojo has her little surprise wrapped up and hidden. Hopefully I will get something from my Bros (hint) and my dad.

Then Christmas.

Then another birthday before Febuary even begins.

This will be our first Christmas (in the sun) without singing and dancing Homer!!!!

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